Just needing to share my excitement

and very much my relief. 


My wedding dress and my maid of honour’s dress have finally come in. Just for some perspective, I purchased my dress in full (and ordered it) on 21 October 2013; I had originally found and put a deposit on the dress on 21 September. 

I’ll even do the math for you: 21 September to 21 June is nine months. NINE MONTHS between finding my perfect dress and having it in the city. 
Guys, nine months is the time it takes to make a baby. So, in reality, I could have found my dress, made a baby, had the baby, lose the massive amount of weight I probably would have gained, and STILL have fit into the dress I found over a year before my wedding. 

That’s a really long time. 

Everything is really coming together now. It’s scary and exciting. I’m filled with all kinds of emotions right now. 
Last week I addressed and stuffed all my invitations (both guest and RSVP return envelopes). 
Today I called about the dresses and ordered our rings. 
All that’s really left are small details, other than the actual marriage licence: bouquet, venue decorations, that type of stuff. 

Time is really flying by, and I can’t wait. :)


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