Just needing to share my excitement

and very much my relief. 


My wedding dress and my maid of honour’s dress have finally come in. Just for some perspective, I purchased my dress in full (and ordered it) on 21 October 2013; I had originally found and put a deposit on the dress on 21 September. 

I’ll even do the math for you: 21 September to 21 June is nine months. NINE MONTHS between finding my perfect dress and having it in the city. 
Guys, nine months is the time it takes to make a baby. So, in reality, I could have found my dress, made a baby, had the baby, lose the massive amount of weight I probably would have gained, and STILL have fit into the dress I found over a year before my wedding. 

That’s a really long time. 

Everything is really coming together now. It’s scary and exciting. I’m filled with all kinds of emotions right now. 
Last week I addressed and stuffed all my invitations (both guest and RSVP return envelopes). 
Today I called about the dresses and ordered our rings. 
All that’s really left are small details, other than the actual marriage licence: bouquet, venue decorations, that type of stuff. 

Time is really flying by, and I can’t wait. :)


How Editing is Like Driving

I think this is an excellent example of how I edit. I always encourage the people I’m copyediting for the ultimate decision to stet my changes.

Write Through It

As a kid I’d ride in the passenger’s seat and watch my mother’s hands on the steering wheel. They were always moving. How did she know when to move her hands? Driving, I thought, must be very difficult.

After I’d been behind the wheel myself a few times, I began to get it: You don’t move your hands on the wheel. The wheel moves your hands. Your hands respond to the road, the car, and what your eyes and other senses tell them.

True, your hands turn the wheel when you want to go left or right, but if you hold your hands still when you’re going down the road, you’ll probably start drifting to one side or the other.

In the last two months I’ve copyedited two demanding nonfiction manuscripts. One was 900 pages long, the other about 550. Yesterday morning I sent the second of the two off…

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Musing on scales

Some things never change, and it can be a small comfort (of sorts).

I have fairly recently decided that after having not played the trumpet any more frequently than about 10 minutes once every two years over the past six years or so, that I would like to take it up again. It’s been a long time, and it was something that I really enjoyed as a teenager.So much so that I was on the brink of deciding to pursue music as a career (I’m ultimately glad I didn’t, for a myriad of reasons).

I went so far as to essentially bribe Fella into bringing back a horn from home for me (a great deal of bartering took place, let me tell you). Well, he’s been back going on two weeks already, and I’ve played it a few times. Just sort of fiddling around and getting used to the fact that this is something that is an accessible outlet for me (not that I don’t have enough outlets for creativity — quite the contrary, actually. I likely am one of those people with too many).
I did much to ensure that the correct method books were also brought back (Arban’s Complete Conservatory for Trumpet, H.L. Clarke Technical Studies for the Coronet, Excerpts from the Arban-Clarke Method for Coronet and Trumpet, to name a few), as well, and yet hadn’t cracked them, except to flip through quickly to see what pages and exercises had been marked off by my instructor years ago (we’re talking probably close to a decade, here).
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Here’s the dealio, yo

I’ve gone and purged all the random, whiney post-teenaged bullshit (or, most of it) from when I started my blog in 2009.

Here’s to trying to restart a bit. I’m not entirely sure how committed I will be to blogging, but I will try. For a while, at least.

Maybe I’ll talk about knitting. Or reading. Or editing. Or twitter. Or… my life. I just don’t know yet. We’ll all have to wait and see what the future has in store. :)

I’ve tried

To do this blogging thing. 

I actually don’t mind doing it, but I often find myself at a loss of what to say on a regular basis. 


My life is unremarkable. I am not an author. What is interesting and exciting in my life happens at work (which, for the most part, is unsharable due to the line of work I am currently in). 

I am not adventurous enough to go find excitement on a regular basis (and it’s also terribly tiring when I am overwhelmed with new things). I am boring. 


It’s nice to see you, if you’re still here reading this. 
Maybe I’ll be back sometime soon. Maybe not.