Just needing to share my excitement

and very much my relief. 


My wedding dress and my maid of honour’s dress have finally come in. Just for some perspective, I purchased my dress in full (and ordered it) on 21 October 2013; I had originally found and put a deposit on the dress on 21 September. 

I’ll even do the math for you: 21 September to 21 June is nine months. NINE MONTHS between finding my perfect dress and having it in the city. 
Guys, nine months is the time it takes to make a baby. So, in reality, I could have found my dress, made a baby, had the baby, lose the massive amount of weight I probably would have gained, and STILL have fit into the dress I found over a year before my wedding. 

That’s a really long time. 

Everything is really coming together now. It’s scary and exciting. I’m filled with all kinds of emotions right now. 
Last week I addressed and stuffed all my invitations (both guest and RSVP return envelopes). 
Today I called about the dresses and ordered our rings. 
All that’s really left are small details, other than the actual marriage licence: bouquet, venue decorations, that type of stuff. 

Time is really flying by, and I can’t wait. :)


A new record.

Tonight was the drunkest I’ve ever been. Three drinks later, with three large glasses of water in between.

Thanks for an awesome night Julia!!! <3

One of those days.

So, I definitely just realised that I didn’t blog about something blog-worthy that happened yesterday!
So, what happened is:
I went to meet a friend for lunch; we were both totally unclear on where to meet/when and ended up missing each other. I had a 4-seat table all to myself. This [approximately] 75-year-old man with his Tim Horton’s coffee comes and asks if he could share my table. Being nice and not selfish, I say yes (I’m still waiting for said girlfriend at this point) and after about 15 minutes, Old Man says “Looks like he ditched you”, to which I replied “Oh no! I’m just waiting for my girlfriend”. So, after about an hour of me waiting (probably 45 minutes with Old Man), I go and get some food. The table is still empty, and I ask him if it’s okay if I sit down again. He proceeds to nod and then tell me that he was asked if he was sitting alone (others wanted to know if they could use the table) and he told me he lied to them and said he had someone with him. It was creepy. After he finishes nursing his coffee that he’s had for at least a good hour, he leaves.

Thank God.

So, I’m chowing down, and I get this poke in the back of my arm. My heart starts racing because I think it’s the friend I’ve been waiting for all this time, but no, it’s some dude who asks if it would be alright if he sat with me, because there was nowhere else to sit and he had already cruised around the foodcourt once or twice already (he was lying about there not being any seating). Again, I say okay, so he sits and starts striking up a conversation. He asks if I work in the mall (specifically Claire’s, which I took so much offense to, I had nothing to say), and I said no, and that I am a student. Well, the first thing I manage to do, after he apologises for how ‘ungraceful’ he is at eating is offend him because I told him that I didn’t like Dane Cook and that I find him crass and abrasive (all of which is true), because he shares the same given name with said “comedian”.

So, dude tells me all about himself (seriously, he’s going into the Army Reserves because he needs a break from college, where he’s doing a Developmental Learning Services program to help autistic kids, and he used to play guitar, he had an hour-and-a-half long conversation with someone from Greenpeace, gave three dollars to a bum, and that he likes green olives on his subs). I try not to talk as much as I possibly can, though it’s kind of difficult when someone is staring at you across a table expectantly. Once he’s ready to leave, he asks for my email address so we can “do the MSN thing”. I gave him the craziest, sketched out look I can muster for such a strange request. He adds, seeing the look I’m giving him, that he’s not some creep, wouldn’t normally do this and asks if anyone like my boyfriend would be worried about this. So, with that being said, what do I do? I give him my email address (stupidstupidstupid). To date, he has not added me to MSN yet. Here’s hoping that after the second time that I wrote out my email that he still couldn’t read it.

Faaack. All I ask is WHY?

After all this, I went Christmas shopping and found Bren a gift. :) I guess that makes it totally worth it.