Musing on scales

Some things never change, and it can be a small comfort (of sorts).

I have fairly recently decided that after having not played the trumpet any more frequently than about 10 minutes once every two years over the past six years or so, that I would like to take it up again. It’s been a long time, and it was something that I really enjoyed as a teenager.So much so that I was on the brink of deciding to pursue music as a career (I’m ultimately glad I didn’t, for a myriad of reasons).

I went so far as to essentially bribe Fella into bringing back a horn from home for me (a great deal of bartering took place, let me tell you). Well, he’s been back going on two weeks already, and I’ve played it a few times. Just sort of fiddling around and getting used to the fact that this is something that is an accessible outlet for me (not that I don’t have enough outlets for creativity — quite the contrary, actually. I likely am one of those people with too many).
I did much to ensure that the correct method books were also brought back (Arban’s Complete Conservatory for Trumpet, H.L. Clarke Technical Studies for the Coronet, Excerpts from the Arban-Clarke Method for Coronet and Trumpet, to name a few), as well, and yet hadn’t cracked them, except to flip through quickly to see what pages and exercises had been marked off by my instructor years ago (we’re talking probably close to a decade, here).
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